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Managing a website is no easy task. There are registrations, renewals, access logs, and error logs. When your blog or forum need an upgrade, do you have time to learn how and when? Do you know how to backup your files and your database, and restore them in a timely manner?

Sorry for the monologue, sometimes I take myself too seriously. What I meant to say was, "How can we help manage your website, so that you can focus on your business?"

These are some common, administrative tasks that most websites require:

  • Domain Registration - Second only to website security, someone should be watching, checking and rechecking, ensuring that you don't lose your home on the internet - your domain.

  • Error and Traffic Log Monitoring - Current statistics say a website gets just five seconds before it is judged and written off. Worse yet, a second chance seems slim if that time is spent fighting JavaScript errors, or trying to make sense of a layout that doesn't work on all browsers.

  • Experience - We belive questions deserve answers. "How long...?", "How much...?", "When?", "Why?" For your website answers from a book can't measure up to answers from people - people who have been there, done that, and delivered.

This list may seem short, but I'd like to ask you,"What is peace-of-mind worth?" Building a website as a part of building a business is a great idea, but it shouldn't steal your focus. When HeroDev hosts and manages your web site, you can do so with confidence and put your energy into what matters most.

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