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Not all websites are created equal - but they have equal rights. If your business is young, your focus may simply be web placement - providing store hours, useful phone numbers, locations and/or a list of services. A picture of your business and a map wouldn't be a bad idea either.

However, once your customer base is secured, maybe you want to take your products online. Will you provide consults by e-mail? Do your customers want a secure area where they can track orders? Did you receive an award for your excellent service? A small photo gallery of the occasion sounds like a great idea.

Below is a sample of applications we've put together and their approximate cost. It's not a complete list; we are happy to listen to your vision and build your dreams.

WordPress Blog Setup + Theme integration $200
Photo Gallery + Administration Area $200
Guestbook or Testimonial Page $150
Contact or Comment Form $100
Simple Order Form* $100
E-mail Subscribe and Unsubscribe Pages $50

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